Letter to the Editor

   Written by on January 18, 2018 at 11:40 am

Get The Facts Straight

Now that Karl Schmidt is a big time writer in a weekly newspaper with picture and all? It might be a good thing if he got his facts straight. A recurring theme of ‘democrats bad, republicans good’ might add to his credibility also. The NFL ratings are not at an all time low. Proven simply by picking up a tv guide and seeing the NFL as number 1 and number 2 weekly. At the very least, always in the top five. It might also help if he watched a game and saw the stands full in freezing weather. This could be because some folks don’t find a few players kneeling on a football field near as offensive as the leader of the free world being investigated for treason and obstruction of justice. His boasting of forcing himself on women doesn’t add to the ‘presidential’ thing either. As for the national conversation? It might be because like minded folks are too busy talking about how a five time draft dodger could be elected commander in chief. How it is the president is spending untold millions on his golf trips while cutting programs that feed hungry children and the elderly. That threat of nuclear war worries us somewhat too. Google is a wonderful thing Mr. Schmidt.

Jack Crouse

Keysville, Va.

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