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   Written by on December 14, 2017 at 12:35 pm

Electric Company Wears Garb of Angels

On Monday morning, December 11, 2017 about 8:00 a.m. five angels appeared in my driveway.  I am a 230 pound 76-year-old female and I had fallen on the snow and ice after a big snow in Charlotte County, Virginia.  My husband has COPD and is on oxygen, and try as he could he couldn’t pick me up.  He and I worked for 20 minutes to get me up to no avail.  Finally we had decided to call a neighbor to help but before he could get to me three white trucks drove up in our driveway carrying these five angels.

Before my neighbor arrived five men jumped out their trucks and two of them picked me up, as if I was just a toothpick.  Altogether they made sure I was safe in the house and then sprinkled salt and kitty litter on our handicap ramp and steps.  Even though I fell and was lying on snow and ice for 20 minutes, I wasn’t hurt, thank GOD.

As they were leaving we took note of the name on the trucks and found out they were from Jacksonville, North Carolina.  I called the company they worked for and spoke with Wanda Jones, Vice President of Commercial Operations and she told me ten men were sent to Southside Electric in Crewe, Virginia to help with the power outages in our area.  We did not lose our power but my friends and neighbors did.  Many of us in Charlotte County are customers of Southside Electric and appreciate the Jones-Onslow EMC Electric Co-Op allowing their employees to come to Virginia to help Southside Electric customers in our time of need.

My husband and I saw the trucks pass our home but never thought they would turn around and come to help us.

These men and their special concern for others was the best Christmas gift we could receive at this the most wonderful season of giving.  Thank you for helping me and my husband.

Merry Christmas!

John and Jackie Gray

Charlotte Court House, Va.

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