Letter to the Editor

   Written by on July 20, 2017 at 9:44 am

Brilliant Minds Think Alike

As usual, enjoyed your editorial “—and Cowbirds” received today (still coming a bit late).

Still have my Red Ryder (received XMAS, 1 45 when about 9 or 10), and it is probably more accurate than those made   today. The Mother Fox loves it as it helps to feed her babies in the perennial den under my shed. Frequently chases squirrels marauding the bird feeders; also fond of the illegal immigrant STARLING nuisance which drives native Bluebirds away, invading their boxes, nests, hollows & gobbling up their food. Bluebirds are a daily delight.

Born & raised in another great little town, Victoria. Fond memories, as well as of Keysville (you seem to like cars & stuff) —going home from Hampden-Sydney in a 1947 Chevy (vacuum shift & a speedometer which showed kilometers as well as miles) which I bought in 1 53 for a hard-earned $100 made on the VGN Section Gang & in the tobacco fields of Lunenburg-­ suddenly stalled on railroad track crossing when I thought I could beat an approaching work  train. Obviously, I did; stayed in it, & it finally started with yards to spare. Ah, the intransigence of youth!

Keep up the good work, Sir!

H. L. Seay

Triangle, Va.

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