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Who Will be Governor?

As Virginia’s June 13 primary approaches, the choice for the Republican nominee is clear: Ed Gillespie.

Ed knows what Virginia needs to start growing again, putting forward policies to cut Virginians’ taxes, restore faith in our government, improve how our state government operates, boost job creation, and support small businesses.

Ed understands the challenges in running a small business. He began his career working in the Senate as a parking attendant, working his way to becoming a counselor to President George W. Bush, and then built up his own small businesses.

Through his experien-
ces, he is ready to be an effective Governor. He believes that all Virginians should have the opportunity to fulfill themselves and our next generation will continue to grow Virginia and do better than those that worked before us. He’s put forward, substantive, detailed policies that will get Virginia growing again.

As governor, Ed will put Virginia first. I agree with his values and on June 13th, I hope you join me in supporting Ed Gillespie for Governor.

Vellie S. Dietrich-Hall

Cullen, Virginia

Reader Defends
Trump’s Actions

Democratic Rep. Al Green of Texas has called for the impeachment of President Trump as reported by CNN. Green stated: “This is about my position. This is about what I believe. And this is where I stand. I will not be moved. The President must be impeached,” Green said on the floor. “For those who do not know, impeachment does not mean that the President would be found guilty. It simply means that the House of Representatives will bring charges against the President. It’s similar to an indictment but not quite the same thing.”

My question is simple.  What crime has the President committed? With what crime would he be charged?

Would the charge be putting America first? Would it be attempting to persuade our NATO allies to pay their fair-share? Would it be for attempting to balance our budget within ten years? Would it be for attempting to replace our crumbling health-care system with a functional, affordable one? Would it be for attempting to correct currency manipulation by other countries? Would it be for attempting to strengthen our military so that our homeland will be safer? Would it be for laying out plans to increase employment?

Rep. Green offers only his “belief,” but no crime!  With such superficial, childish, inept leadership as that displayed by Green, it is little wonder that our Country has been experiencing run-away debt, obstructionism, and lack of respect by the international community.

Fillmer Hevener, Ed.D


Global Warming…
Who Knew?

What does the average person actually know about climate change? Anyone living more than 50 years could say the 1960’s through 1980’s had colder winters. When did climate change officially start…and blamed on man? An uneducated guess might say the post war 1940’s was when almost everyone had a car in America and what amounted to a (global) second industrial revolution. Is it fair to say human activity, fossil fuel use (as never before) began in the 1940’s?

How long have scientists been keeping track of warming/melting polar ice caps? Do records of warming coincide with the 1940’s? The tidal areas of Maryland’s eastern shore are the first to feel any hints of melting ice caps making for higher tides. A man named Leland Wroten born in 1903 in the wetlands Dorchester county made an interesting observation. Land he sold my father (in 1974) had been in his family for 200 years…he told us. Hundreds of acres handed down for generations (finally to him) had been under siege by rising tides since he was a child.

Leland said 1933 was a major turning point when productive farm fields and timber lands went into “free-fall” changing over into vast muskrat marshes. The point here is this man attested to rising tides and “global warming” long before the effects of man (as we know today) could really come into play! There is no argument the winters are warmer and tidal areas are forever slipping beneath the waves.

The question is…how much of this is natural/evolving weather conditions and how much is the cause/fault of man? By this account which pre-dates the 1940’s and really preceding the turn of the century indicates, “Mother earth” has long been on a warming trend before the effects of man could play a factor. Based on this first-hand observation of rising tides on Maryland’s eastern shore, the earth is in a warming cycle that man played no part in making…or solving. I think Trump walking away from the global warming conference in France was a good move!

Karl Schmidt,


Thankful for the Kindess

I want to thank the people of Keysville who were kind and helpful to me as I tried to understand how my father, Howard Pease, died just south of your town in 1963.

Thanks to Tina at the Exxon Station who listened to my story, answered my questions, and served my food. Thanks also to her customer who without having said a word to me paid for my meal and left.

Thanks to your postmaster who not only sold me stamps, but she stepped outside to show me how to get to the town office.

At the town office I asked for a map of Keysville and help in locating the place my father had been hit by a car and killed. There were no maps to hand out, but a large zoning map was spread out on the table. The clerk looked up at the only other person in the room and said, “He can tell you more than I can.” Johnny had lived in the area for 30 years and explained the old (now business route) Rt. 360 and 15 used to go through the center of Keysville with a 90 degree turn on or off King Street. Frequently trucks turned over trying to navigate that turn. The new highway bypassed the main part of the town. Thanks for the help at the town office.

Next I went to the library. Your librarian was patient and helped me gat a Google map of Keysville. Thanks.

Using information from the death certificate that my grandson got off the internet, I followed that old Rt. 360 and 15 south of Keysville about 2 ½ miles. I found myself at Palmer’s Grocery.

In the grocery I bought a Dr. Pepper and asked if this store was about 2 ½ miles south of Keysville. The clerk and a couple customers answered, “Yes, it’s about 2 miles.” “Was this store here in 1963?” “Yes.” “Was there a pay phone here?” “Yes! I remember when I was a child. There was one right out there.” She pointed to a spot at the edge of the pavement close to the road. Thanks again!

I went outside and the pent-up tears flowed easily as I knew this was where my parents driving a truck and pulling a trailer had stopped and called my brother in Maine and intended to call me in Texas. It was just after 8 p.m. on December 6, 1963, dark at that hour, at that time of year.

A man in a car on the opposite side of the road decided to pass…


Evangeline Pease Tartt

Farmington, Maine

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