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On most weeks this editorial column grumbles about various Federal, State and local government issues. I believe the purpose of government is to serve NOT control the people.

logo-grumblingsI believe most government agencies are self-serving, more concerned with protecting and expanding the agency and with protecting their budgets than with serving the people who provide their paychecks.

On the other hand, almost every agency has individuals who are exceptional; individuals who are helpful and who go beyond their duties to help the public. This also applies to businesses. Some employees treat customers like they are a problem or an annoyance rather than the reason for the business existing and the reason they have jobs.

It is my hope that we can start a new section in The Messenger called “KUDOS.” This section will be dedicated to letters and notes from readers who have had a positive experience with a business or an agency and want to publicly commend someone.

Positive experiences happen every day but it is the negative ones that people write and complain about. We are often asked, “Why do newspapers print negative news?” The reason is many people want bad news. This is your opportunity to see good news. Write us about your positive experiences with businesses, government and individuals.


This week I would like to commend Kalmonie Allen of Farmville who works at Kinex in Farmville. I have just had a new computer installed and have had a few problems adjusting to it. Those of you who know me already know I am functional on a computer but just barely.

Somehow this morning I did something that locked my keyboard. I knew it was my fault but I couldn’t write, I couldn’t type and I couldn’t send the articles I’d written to Layout and Design. To make matters worse it is press day and the paper has to be finished. Newspaper deadlines are totally unforgiving.

I called Kinex and Kalmonie went the extra mile. I explained I was in a bind, it was press day and I really couldn’t bring the computer in. She walked me through several possibilities and fixed the issue. I am now finishing my articles and The Messenger will go out on time.

Kudos and my thanks to Kalmonie Allen and Kinex.

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