Kenbridge Firefighters Help Town in Removal of Blighted Property

   Written by on September 29, 2016 at 9:34 am

kenbridge-fire-dept kenbridge-fire-dept-1KENBRIDGE – Blighted properties around the town of Kenbridge have been an ongoing discussion and concern among Kenbridge Town Council members in recent years. The group has been looking to remove some of these properties that are not only eye sores but also can be dangerous as they become more dilapidated.

With the high cost of removing these structures that can include property title research, destruction, removal and hauling, Kenbridge officials got a little help recently from Kenbridge Fire Department in the removal of a structure.

A property located at 400 Shade Street was taken down by means of a controlled burn by Kenbridge Fire Department members.

The controlled burn not only removed a blighted property from the town, but also provided some learning opportunities for young firefighters in the group. Kenbridge Fire Chief Richard “Dicky” Harris said that his department had twenty-four firefighters who came out to help this past Sunday afternoon and he said following the burn that he appreciated their efforts.

Chief Harris stated, “I am glad that Kenbridge Fire Department could help the town in removing this structure.”

Kenbridge Fire Department organized a controlled burn on Sunday afternoon. (Photos by K. Gee)

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