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logo- community news & viewsThis past weekend Randolph-Henry High School celebrated its Homecoming with a parade through town, a football game, the selection of a Homecoming King and Queen, and many other festivities.

The 1980’s decade of Randolph-Henry students and graduates got together for another type of Homecoming celebration.  This reporter always thinks it is fun to get that many people together just to see how many people you will recognize. People do change, you know.  Those that were thin might be a little chubby now, those that were ugly ducklings could have blossomed out, and those that were shy might be outgoing—-interesting changes you will find in your old friends.

At Homecoming football games, one meets old friends and gets to catch up on their lives.  The longer one has been out of school, the more special is a Homecoming occasion.

Charlotte C.H. United Methodist Church also celebrated a Homecoming with guests and former members returning to visit after many years.  It was truly a special day!

The last Homecoming our church celebrated was in 1984 if my figuring is correct.  Many churches conduct this event every year.  Ours was special this time because our new kitchen, office, and restroom facilities were completed in September by Dodd Construction, LLC and the members were so proud that they wanted to let others come and see the end results.

We really initiated the new church kitchen with every counter full of food.  Good cooks are evidently still around! I know this reporter will surely want some more of that tasty food by the middle of this week but ALL that food at one time was mind-boggling!

At first, our small congregation was wondering how it could pull off a Homecoming of this magnitude as invitations were mailed.  But, with all our former members and friends arriving with casseroles in hand, there we were, feeding the masses!

Our minister spoke on the foundation of the church and asked a question that really stuck in my mind. “If this church was gone from our community tomorrow, would it be missed?”  Are we really getting the good news out to people to join us to spread God’s word?  It would be a real Homecoming if we could get our churches full on Sunday mornings.  Churches are full for weddings and funerals but we all need Christ in our lives every day, not just for special occasions.

Also, according to the cooler weather that arrived along with the Homecomings, fall is officially here!  This reporter has always heard this saying, “If one doesn’t like the Virginia weather, wait a day or two and it will change.”  Well, change it did. As you are aware, Virginia’s temperature went from 88 degrees last Thursday to a high of 55 degrees on Saturday (brrr!), along with the cutting wind!  Welcome to fall!

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