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Three months full of celebrations can test the patience of most parents.  One of the big reasons we look forward to these special days is because our children love them so much.

wee-notesWe spend time and money buying or making those awesome Halloween costumes that young ones often refuse to wear.  We spend too much on candy that spoils their appetites and ruins those beautiful teeth.  We spend hours making treats for the goblins who visit our homes.

We feel like we live in the kitchen baking treats, pies, casseroles.  We roast the turkey to perfection with all the sides.  After the huge meals, we spend even more time making room in the refrigerator for the leftovers, washing up those mountains of dishes as quickly as possible so we can see some of the football game or visit with family and friends.

If we visit family on Thanksgiving, it still means cooking, packing the food and the clothes needed for the trip as well as planning things to keep the youngest members of your family content during travel.

Making sure to get all those toys for Christmas paid for and out of lay-a-way before the big day stresses us.  We must find a way to do it so the wee ones don’t see the items Santa will be leaving under the tree on Christmas Day.  Somehow we must get them hidden until the big day, and perhaps even wrapped without being seen.

Now!  If the celebrations are about enjoying them with our loved ones…infants included, how badly are we missing the boat?!  Preschoolers begin to learn what their family’s traditions are.  They form, over time, feelings connected to celebrations.  Think carefully about what you want those feelings to be.  Try to ease up on doing unnecessary things for your children and concentrate on being with them.  Enjoy them.  Love them.  Care for their emotional needs.  Play with them.  Have fun with them.

Recall what your memories of family celebrations are.  If they are happy ones, work at making happy ones for your wee ones.  If they bring back stressful times, try to make it different for your preschoolers.  Not only will they enjoy those special times more, so will you.

If there are tasks that must be done, try to think of ways to involve the children in them.  It may take a few more minutes to get them done, but you will be less stressed than if the children are crying, whining, fighting with siblings, and doing whatever they need to do to get your attention.  Happy Holidays!

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