Hippity Hoppin’ Toward Easter!

   Written by on March 27, 2015 at 12:56 pm

Here comes Peter Cottontail! Get ready to load up on the chocolates, marshmallow-shaped bunnies and eggs!  April 5, 2015 marks Easter Sunday in the United States.

While Easter can be an exciting time for the kiddos, it is important to understand the meaning associated with the holiday that made hiding eggs so popular.  Merriam-Webster defines Easter as “a Christian church festival that celebrates the return of Jesus Christ to life following his death; also, the Sunday in early spring on which this festival is observed.”  Many Christian organizations celebrate the holiday with special religious services on Easter Sunday; however, where does the Easter bunny come into play?

According to history.com, “The exact origins of this mythical mammal are unclear, but rabbits, known to be prolific procreators, are an ancient symbol of fertility and new life. According to some sources, the Easter bunny first arrived in America in the 1700s with German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania and transported their tradition of an egg-laying hare called “Osterhase” or “Oschter Haws.” Their children made nests in which this creature could lay its colored eggs. Eventually, the custom spread across the U.S. and the fabled rabbit’s Easter morning deliveries expanded to include chocolate and other types of candy and gifts, while decorated baskets replaced nests.”  Regardless of how the Easter bunny came to be, children and even adults all over the country have enjoyed participating in organized Easter Egg Hunts since 1878, when the very first official “White House Egg Roll” occurred.

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