Halifax Comets Burn Out Against Statesmen

   Written by on April 20, 2017 at 9:53 am

Halifax Comets burn outIn a bid to improve over their earlier season 6-3 defeat of the Halifax County High School Lady Comets, the Lady Statesmen tennis team hosted the Comets on Tuesday, April 11.  With a much stronger mental game and more match-tough, the Lady Statesmen came away with an 8-1 win.  In singles #1 seed Meredith Feinman (RHHS) defeated Alyssa Conde (HC) 8-2, #2 seed Couper Webb (RHHS) defeated Savannah Reaves (HC) 8-1, #3 seed Helen Lin (RHHS) defeated Kassidy Irby (HC) 8-1, #4 seed Eliza Walker (RHHS) defeated Rae Ann Winegal (HC) 9-8 (7-4 tiebreak), #5 seed McKenzie Sharpe (RHHS) defeated Kendall Foushee (HC) 8-6, and #6 seed Annie Sandridge (RHHS) defeated Amber Roane (HC) 8-6.  In doubles play #1 seed Feinman/Webb (RHHS) defeated Conde/Reaves (HC) 8-0, #2 seed Lin/Walker (RHHS) defeated Foushee/Irby (HC) 8-1, and #3 seed doubles Sharpe/Sandridge (RHHS) fell to Roane/ A. Day (HC) 6-8.   In exhibition play Morgan Mason/Grace Algeier won 6-3, Grace Reynolds/Taylor Jones won 8-6, Calynn Trent/Pearl Sandridge won 6-3 and Haley Conwell/Kaley Moon fell 2-6.

The Lady Statesmen have a packed week coming up with 2 matches on the schedule plus the Heritage Invitational Tournament in Lynchburg on Friday and Saturday.

Pictured is Morgan Mason (Shelby Walker photo)

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