Gun Control vs. People Control

   Written by on September 24, 2015 at 11:39 am

logo- government grumblingsA drunk driver wrecks his or her car killing innocent people but no one blames the car.
The driver of a car deliberately runs into a person or people but no one blames the car.
A mental patient kills someone with an ax and no one blames the ax.
Delegate Creigh Deeds’ son stabs him with a knife and no one blames the knife.
A pack of delinquents kick a homeless man to death and no one blames the boots.
In national news a man beat a 2-year-old to death with his fists; people smother, starve, beat, bludgeon and batter and no one blames the weapon used.
Every time someone is killed with a firearm the gun control nuts start screaming for more gun control.
As usual the real intent is not gun control but people control. All of the control people just want to dictate how other people live and act. These control people would be happy living in Orwell’s 1984 where thought crimes were illegal and no one could make any choices.
Almost every mass shooting has been committed by a mentally unstable person with a LEGAL firearm. The control nuts always blame the gun and say that mentally unstable people should not have been able to legally purchase one.
As always there are several issues. One is that mental stability is untestable, unreliable and temporary. A person can be certified absolutely sane and may be absolutely sane and within a few minutes that can change due to a mental glitch, a drug (legal or not) reaction, or a trauma. Sanity is not permanent or measurable although the absence of sanity MAY be tested.
Psychopaths can pass tests, lie detectors, and interviews and be insane. The people I consider sane you might consider insane.
There have been mass killings with guns, knives, cars, poison, and fire; locally we have had two mass killings where the perpetrators used an ax.
Now, society has the right and obligation to insist that each of us does not interfere with the rights of others. But rights are different from preferences. You have the right not to be injured personally or financially by anyone. BUT you do not have the right not to have your feelings hurt since you and you alone can determine what hurts your feelings.
You do not have the right to live in a risk free society where everyone else adjusts their rights to suit you.
You do not have the right to live in a society where everyone agrees with you and nothing you see or hear offends your tender sensibilities.
Your rights end where mine began.

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