Great Goddle Mighty

   Written by on January 25, 2018 at 11:41 am

logo - stump countyIt looks like one of the counties in the real world is trying to take Stump County’s position in the country. Our only claim to fame is that we are the most backward and poorly educated county in the whole dadgum United States of America.

We like that because we are getting better every year as we move toward the 20th century. Yes, we know the rest of the world is in the 21st century but we are what we are and we are where we are.

Stump County is sort of like a mirror of the real world. When something happens there it happens here.

Everybody in Stump County knows that it is easy to stir up a mob to tear something or somebody down. One person starts shouting “burn it down” and before you can say “scat” (by the way for you city folks scat is bear excrement) you got yourself an angry mob. They grab the pitchforks and the torches and something or somebody is going to be destroyed.

The problem with a mob is it is like a group of boys. Every time you add one you halve the collective IQ and double the destructive power.  Finally you have the IQ of a rock and the destructive power of a bull dozer.  This is why you should keep boys and mobs in small groups.

You have to remember mobs can only destroy. You have to have an IQ and some ability to build. Any idiot can tear something down.

Here in poor old backward Stump County where we still read books (because television and computers haven’t been invented here yet) we can learn a lot. For example, we learned that the mobs in the French Revolution started destroying from the top. First they killed the royalty, then the factory owners, then the educated, then anyone who had something someone in the mob wanted.  Finally, they killed other members of the mob who they didn’t like.

They did the same thing in Russia 100 years ago with Lenin. Everyone lost and Russia is still suffering from it.

The same thing happened in Haiti in 1805 and they haven’t got over it yet.

One thing is certain, the mobs don’t know this because the mobs don’t read and don’t care about facts.

It doesn’t do any good to try to talk to a mob. Mobs don’t and can’t think. They can only destroy.

We hear tell they got themselves a mob in nearby Charlotte County that wants to tear down the school system.  Like all mobs they only want to destroy. They don’t have a plan to build something better, they just want to destroy.  That is all a mob can do.

The French mobs claimed something noble. They shouted Liberty, equality and fraternity. The Russians wanted a “people’s republic” Haitians wanted freedom.  The Charlotte County mobs wants “something else” but they can’t, won’t or don’t say what.

Some folks in the real world need to visit Stump County. We could give them a good solid fifth grade education.

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