Fourth Grade KES Teacher, Student Win Contest

   Written by on June 1, 2017 at 10:28 am

Fourth grade KES teacherKENBRIDGE – Congratulations to Miss Kenlee Mosher, fourth grade student, and Ms. Teri Tisdale, fourth grade teacher, both of Kenbridge Elementary School, for winning the National Kids to Parks Day Contest sponsored by the National Parks Trust!  Thousands of students across the nation entered the contest, and winners included students from 28 states!  The prize included over $700 in grant money that paid for the field trip including gas money for the school bus, per diem pay for the bus driver, two bottles of water for each student, fresh fruit for each student, two pink dogwood trees for students to plant at the state park, and all other items and fees associated with the outing. Other prizes included a certificate of award, a “Buddy Bison,” National Park Mascot, and National Park stickers for students.

The National Kids to Parks Day Contest  is a contest designed to help schools take students to national, state, or other public parks in order to get active outside, to learn about the environment, and to learn more about stewardship.

In February, Kenlee Mosher, daughter of  Mr. and Mrs. Kelby and Jean Mosher,  entered the 2017 contest.  Supported by Ms. Tisdale, she researched, wrote essay-style answers for questions on the application, and planned a field trip that would satisfy the requirements of the contest. First Kenlee had to choose a relatively nearby park where she thought that our students would learn something about Science and Virginia Studies; she chose Occonneechee State Park in Clarksville, VA.   Then she planned a schedule that included the following requirements:  outdoor exercise, healthy snacks, educational opportunities, free play, and stewardship.

Friday, April 21, 2017, all fourth-grade students, teachers, and teacher assistant from Kenbridge Elementary School traveled to Occoneechee State Park. The park manager, office personnel, and rangers were very welcoming and accommodating.  Everything went according to plan, and the weather was fantastic!  Students enjoyed a hike beside Virginia’s largest lake, Kerr Lake, also known as Bugg’s Island Lake; toured a Virginia Indian museum; planted three dogwood trees, our state tree and state flower; played on the playground; enjoyed healthy snacks and water, picnicked under the pavilion; and enjoyed being outdoors.  Teachers and students wanted to be good stewards of the park and pick up litter, but the park grounds were so immaculate that no trash could be found!

Following the field trip, Kenlee and Ms. Tisdale will complete post-trip assignments.  They will thank the National Park Trust for choosing them to be winners, design a video for them using photographs from the trip, report what students learned on the trip, and complete a questionnaire about the trip.

Kenbridge Elementary fourth grade students and teachers, along with the teacher assistant, thank the National Park Trust for a fabulous day at Occonneechee State Park!

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