Facts Not Attacks

   Written by on February 1, 2018 at 2:02 pm

If you hold a public office or write for a newspaper you have to develop a thick skin. People will call you names and accuse you of all sorts of unsavory actions. Even if everything you say or write is factual they will question your motivations.

For example, there are many angry people who didn’t like that I presented the fact that our current school board is “less educated, less experienced and less trained than any board in a generation.”   I have been accused of being mean, rude and of being a bully.  I have been asked why I haven’t pointed out other high-school drop-outs in local public service.

That answer is simple. Some people are educated in spite of dropping out of school. Others took training classes. As I thought I made perfectly clear in the article one unqualified individual on a board isn’t a concern, it is the composite that is concerning.  Any time over half a board refuses training even though they have little or no experience it is a cause for concern.

Not one person has called to say our facts are incorrect. All they keep saying is “you are mean and you should have been mean to someone else.”

We did not attack anyone, we presented facts.

If our facts are incorrect on this or any other article please challenge us on them.

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