Fact or Fiction

   Written by on January 11, 2018 at 2:51 pm

The Southside Messenger is expected by some citizens to “just trust” the presenters of the alleged petition to the Charlotte County Board of Supervisors in July 2016 by Kay Morgan Pierantoni and Ludie Collie.

Trust is a two-way street and requires both sides to have a history of honesty in dealing with each other.  Trust also requires a history of accuracy.

When allegedly presenting the petition in Pierantoni’s remarks she claimed the petition demanded “citizen’s comments be included in the written minutes.” She added, “ All other counties in Virginia do this. I’ve done my research, all counties in Virginia. I’m not wrong in what I said, and I have done my research.”

The problem is Pierrantoni was wrong, her research was faulty. A few calls documented “All counties in Virginia Do NOT include citizen’s comments in the written minutes.” Some include only recorded comments, some include written comments, some summarize comments, some acknowledge speakers without content and some claim to include most comments but exclude the “nutcases.”

Pierantoni claimed to have “presented” a petition which all experts we contacted agree was not presented.

In the most recent Board meetings Pierantoni has stated twice that “according to the Code of Virginia it is illegal to use public funds to purchase alcohol.” I can find no reference to this in the code. However, it is possible, considering the size of the code, for me to have missed it.  If there is actually a code section that states this, I trust Supervisor Pierantoni will advise me of the code section.

I have seen numerous local and state functions that served alcohol.

Personally, I would support a law prohibiting purchasing alcohol with public funds but again I need confirmation.

Considering the Commonwealth of Virginia is the largest and only distributor, buyer and seller of distilled spirits through the ABC stores, I am skeptical of this claim.  I look forward to knowing the facts.

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