Drunk, Drugged Driver Convicted After Trying to Elude Police Officer

   Written by on June 30, 2016 at 4:19 pm

LUNENBURG – Jaquon Lamar Boyd, a 21-year-old Lunenburg man, of 3013 Blackstone  Rd.,  was sentenced recently in Lunenburg Circuit Court to about a year in the Detention and Diversion Programs of the Department of Corrections plus time in jail awaiting entry into the programs as the result of trying to speed away from a Kenbridge police officer and crashing in the process.

Drunk and drugged driver Jaoquon Boyd (Felony Elude and DUID)  4-12-16Boyd was convicted of Felony Eluding a Law Enforcement Officer and a misdemeanor of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Drugs.

According to Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Clement, the incident occurred on January 3, 2016 at 12:49 AM.  Kenbridge Police Officer Aaron Stokes was running radar on Broad Street when he noticed a white Kia sedan speeding 44 in a 25 mph zone coming from Blackstone direction. When Stokes activated his lights and siren, the vehicle did not stop, but went into the drive-thru lane at Benchmark Bank.  A passenger got out and ran, and the car took off toward Blackstone.  Stokes said speeds reached up to 120 mph. As he approached Starlight Lane, the vehicle began to slow down to turn, but was going too fast, missed the turn, struck the ditch and went airborne.  The driver tried to flee on foot, but Stokes caught him.  He was identified as Boyd.

A blood test was conducted, and determined that Boyd had consumed alcohol and marijuana.

The judge sentenced Boyd to five years on the felony and 12 months on the misdemeanor, ordered him to go to jail and await entry into the Detention Center Program with a military style system and the Diversion Center Program which is less restrictive but focuses more on job training and life skills.

In addition to his incarceration, Boyd will also be required to be of good behavior for six years, supervised probation for two years, subject to warrantless searches and seizures, a $250 fine, and his driver’s license suspended for two years.

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