Dog gets day in court

   Written by on March 27, 2014 at 10:25 am

Three lawyers volunteered their time to save the life of a pit bull that mauled a four-year-old boy. The dog’s owner wanted the dog euthanized following the incident. Somehow the dog got “his day in court.”

logo-grumblingsAccording to azcentral:

“Mickey’s life was spared by a Phoenix judge Tuesday, but the pit bull that mauled four-year-old Kevin Vicente’s face last month was ordered defanged, neutered and sent to an animal-rehabilitation facility for the rest of the animal’s life. Though Mickey’s story resonated with dog lovers worldwide, spurring vitriolic debate over his fate, it will not alter the outcome for thousands of other vicious dogs killed every year. Just in the month it took to settle Mickey’s case, nearly 450 other dogs in Maricopa County were exterminated for the same aggressive behavior …”

There are multiple issues that can be debated. Are some breeds of dogs bred for certain characteristics? Are some breeds more likely than others to be vicious? Is the dog the victim of irresponsible owners?

My concern is with the four-year-old who is still recuperating in the hospital and with the issue of “how does a dog get a day in court.”

Humans have a responsibility to properly care for animals and to not abuse them. If they neglect or abuse animals they can be charged and have their day in court.

When was the constitution changed to include dogs? If a dog gets his constitutional day in court, why does he not get “a jury of his peers?” Why can he be sentenced to life in prison? How can he be sentenced to being neutered and defanged? Where is his right to being protected from cruel and unusual punishment? Can a judge sentence a human to having his teeth pulled, being castrated and jailed for life”

If dogs have constitutional rights, can my dog sue me for having her neutered?

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