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   Written by on March 3, 2017 at 1:13 pm

logo- community news & viewsSomehow, the same old question keeps circling around the Charlotte County Courthouse every few years.  This reporter wrote a column about this in 2008 after a patron asked her if she remembered the large white plaques that once banked the large entrance doors.

I answered then as I answered a few weeks ago, “Sure I do. As a young girl roller skating on the sidewalks in front of the courthouse building with friends, we’d take a break and read the names out loud, not really realizing the significance of those who served our country.”

For those newcomers to the area, this reporter is talking about the HONOR ROLL OF THE CITIZENS OF CHARLOTTE COUNTY IN THE SERVICE OF THEIR COUNTRY which used to adorn the courthouse entrance and was sheltered from the weather by the large portico.  This honor roll listed names in eight or ten columns of those who had served our country during World War II.

Investigating further, I posed the question about the Honor Roll plaques to several former county supervisors.

No one could tell me what had happened to this important honor roll of history.  Now of course, our younger county supervisors don’t know about these plaques at all.

I was informed during my earlier quest that during the restoration of the courthouse building in the 1960’s, that these rather large plaques were stored in someone’s barn for safekeeping.  Well, I assume that they are still stored somewhere but interested citizens would like to know the location so they can be preserved and attached as they were originally.

I remember that after the restoration of the building, rather large marble “busts” of famous men were added inside.  I don’t know where they are either but, in my opinion, they weren’t as important as the plaques.

Does anyone who is reading this article have any clues?  Please look at the photo and see if it jogs your memory.

I have lived in Charlotte Court House all of my life so I remember the plaques.  I just happened to find this picture in my mother’s old town photos.

Get interested folks!  Let’s solve a county mystery.  Surely, someone has seen these plaques in a barn during the last 50-plus years!  Thanks in advance for your help!

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