County Officials Work to Eliminate EMS Communication Gap

   Written by on June 23, 2016 at 9:50 am

LUNENBURG – Lunenburg County recently had emergency equipment installed at the Rocky Mill Cell Tower Site that will help bridge communication gaps. The work done by Bowlin Communications at the site cost the county $37,035, but helped eliminated some communications “dead zones” that were present in that area of the county.

Supervisor Wayne Hoover had previously questioned if the Mill Pond site location in the Dundas area was eligible for any grant opportunities that may be able help with communications in that area as well. County officials pulled a conditional use permit from Verizon after they failed to make any progress on a proposed tower earlier this year.

A grant through homeland security groups is available and would allow a communications tower to be built in the Mill Pond location. This would not be a cell tower and would not be the overall height of cell towers but would help bridge another gap in communications for emergency services in Lunenburg.

Lunenburg County Administrator Tracy Gee said that a tower at the Mill Pond location would close in one of the last communication gap areas in the county. Lunenburg Chairman David Wingold offered a letter of support from the county supervisors to pursue the grant application to alleviate dead zones in the Commonwealth Regional Council region.

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