Coffee on My Mac

   Written by on August 29, 2013 at 12:51 pm

Getting up early to watch TED Talks on YouTube, I got my sixty cent senior coffee at a local fast food spot, set up my Mac, took a sip and promptly spilled  coffee on my beloved Apple. Mac looked at me in horror, blinked and promptly went black!  OH, NO!!

della-valleStunned, I dried off the keyboard as best I could, packed up my things and headed home to confess my clumsiness to Lucy. After she gently patted my hand and made me a cup of that dreadful liquid that started the whole thing, she suggested we call the Apple store and make an appointment at the Genius Bar.

I set my Mac aside, followed my wife’s counsel and then a thought occurred to me. Ask GOD to fix my problem. It felt silly at first. Then I thought GOD has the power to heal the sick and raise the dead and my computer was definitely dead! I might as well ask Him.

Lucy and I put our hands on the computer and asked GOD for what we wanted. We made our way to Apple and they referred us to a local authorized dealer but cautioned us that we were probably looking at a $700-800 expense. Gulp!  We decided to give GOD 24 hours to “heal” Mac. When the next day came, I was still looking at a blank screen.

The initial charge just to do a diagnostic was $76.00 and we had to wait two days to know whether it even could be repaired or if we had to buy a new computer. During the waiting time, a pastor friend shared a bit of wisdom.

“Any time I have a surprise expense I ask, ‘Is this really the way You want me to spend YOUR money, GOD?’  We always look at a repair as money going out of our pocket. We rarely see it as a way that GOD is providing for another.”

Then it dawned on me, I am not the belly button of the world. I am part of GOD’s plan, I am not THE plan!  Suddenly the expense of the repair didn’t bother me. I discovered two things. My expenses are another’s income and GOD is the provider, I’m not. All I have to do is my best, GOD will handle the rest.

The waiting time went by quickly and when I called to get the final diagnosis, the tech told me when he opened Mac he found no sign of caffeine cancer. Praise GOD! Mac was back on his feet, blinking and syncing as usual….and it only cost me $76.00!

My friends, GOD cares about our situations, even the little ones. Invite Him into your life. GOD is real and your life and circumstances matter to Him!

Nick Della Valle is a co-founder of Breath of CHRIST Ministries ( and author of the book “3300 Miles for Christ.”  He and his wife Lucy are missionaries to America; storytellers for CHRIST.

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