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   Written by on December 1, 2016 at 12:33 pm

logo-wee-notesThe holidays are upon us.  There are lots of parties, dinners, and other places where it isn’t unusual for alcohol to be available.  This can be a problem should you, or someone you love, be pregnant during this time.

There has never been determined any safe amount of alcohol someone who is expecting can consume and not possibly harm the unborn child beginning at conception.  There is even some evidence that sperm and/or eggs may be affected before conception!

If you are with child or are not using birth control, please think before you choose to partake of alcohol…even one drink.  If you look at or read about the side effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, you will understand why you want to protect yourself and a baby from it.

Choose sparkling grape or apple juice for a fun, safe, fizzy drink.  Should you be planning to attend a dinner, and the hosts don’t ask about any special dietary needs, provide a safe alternative as a gift upon arrival.  You may even let them know that you are restricted from alcohol during your pregnancy.  You could also volunteer to be the designated driver for someone else.

I would remind you, too, that should you be breastfeeding, to remember that what you drink, your baby drinks.  So, if you plan to imbibe while out, plan to pump enough bottles of breast milk ahead of time so that you may then “pump and dump” for a few feedings after drinking.

Yes, it may be inconvenient, but we all want the very best for our precious babies.  They are definitely worth it!  So, enjoy the holidays safely.  That includes refraining from driving after drinking.  And may I say, from your baby, “Thank you for caring about me – even before I’m born.”?        

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