Chase from Charlotte to Lunenburg Nets 2 ½ Years in Prison

   Written by on June 22, 2017 at 9:51 am

Khalil Abdul Ali Brooks (Felony DWI)LUNENBURG – Khalil Abdul Al-Aziz Ali Brooks, formerly known as Jeremy Brooks, a 45-year-old Orange County man, formerly of Farmville, was convicted recently in Lunenburg Circuit Court of a felony DWI and a felony Hit and Run with Property Damage. He was sentenced to ten years in prison with all suspended except two years and six months on the DWI.  He was fined $1000, and his privilege to obtain a license was revoked indefinitely.

He is also facing a charge of Felony Eluding and Felony Driving Revoked in Charlotte County on June 28th.

According to Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Clement, the incident leading to his arrest arose on February 18, 2017 about 2:00 p.m. when Charlotte County Deputy Keith Booth stopped Brooks for speeding 78 in a 65 zone on Rt. 360 in Charlotte County in a 2002 Nissan Quest minivan.  Brooks provided an identification card, but no license.  When Booth went back to his vehicle, Brooks took off.

Booth followed him with his dash cam recording the chase down Rt. 360 with speeds up to 90 mph.  Booth was able to block Brooks once with the assistance of Deputy Scruggs, but then Brooks maneuvered around Scruggs’ car and continued down Rt. 360.  He turned right on Old Kings Hwy where Deputy C.I. Brinkley passed Brooks to slow him down, but Brooks then turned onto West Ontario Road and went into Lunenburg County.

Brooks continued to speed through Lunenburg County up to 87 mph at a time when homeowners were seen on the video going to their mailboxes.  He went over on the wrong side of the road a number of times, nearly running some vehicles off the road.  At the intersection of Hwy 49 (Chase City Road) and Ontario Road, more law enforcement officers had arrived to block Brooks, but he still went off the road to go around the vehicles.

Shortly after that, police created a “rolling roadblock” and slowed him down to 20 mph at which time Brooks drove into a Charlotte County vehicle, causing minor damage to the right front before Brooks then spun into a ditch.  He was then processed for arrest by State Trooper W. T. Dean II and arrested for multiple charges.   

His breathalyzer test revealed an alcohol level of 0.31, nearly four times the legal limit.

Brooks has 16 prior felony convictions on his record, including felony driving under the influence in Spotsylvania County in 2011, two counts of Felony Destruction of Property With Value > $1,000 in Spotsylvania, Assault of Law Enforcement Officer, Grand Larceny, Felony Elude, Possession of Firearm by Felon, Felony Attempted Escape in Fairfax, six counts of misdemeanor Vandalism and six counts of misdemeanor Tampering and other misdemeanors as well.   

In addition to his sentence and fine, Brooks must be of good behavior for ten years, complete supervised probation for two years, attend substance-abuse counseling, abstain from alcohol and illegal drugs, pay restitution of $1,500 to Charlotte County, and submit to warrantless searches and seizures.

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