Charger Courtyard Project Moves Into Next Phase

   Written by on September 28, 2017 at 12:15 pm

Charger Courtyard enters next phaseVICTORIA – The Charger Courtyard project at Central High School is continuing to move forward as the building trades classes under Mr. Dennis Hudson started work on the gazebo portion of the area this week.

The idea behind the Charger Courtyard was introduced by CHS Assistant Principal Natalie Coronas as an upgrade to the area at Central between two parts of the building in the rear of the school. There is a concrete slab patio with tables and covers in the location that is used by students during lunch when they go outside.

Initial upgrades to the location included additional seating with picnic tables, Shade Sails and now the next phase that includes a courtyard with a gazebo and brick walkways out to the parking lot is underway.

The area gives students a nice location to go outside and get some fresh air during lunch and it makes for an attractive area in the back of the school.

A large portion of the work that has been done and is currently going on is being built by the students. As part of the campaign to raise the needed funding for the project, the school is offering bricks that can be bought and engraved/dedicated to people or classes similar to streetscape projects done by the local towns.

Brick sales will ongoing until January 2, 2018 and if anyone wants to purchase one for a Christmas present, or just a gift to honor someone, they still have time to do that. You may contact Central High School for additional information.

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