Charger Alums Enjoy Meal, Mentoring Session

   Written by on August 10, 2017 at 10:56 am

Charger Alumn hostVICTORIA – On Friday, August 4th, former Charger Ronnie Williams hosted a delicious meal and a wonderful mentoring session for the 2017 Central High football team.  Williams was joined by Charger football alumnae Cal Spencer, Donald Gee, Charles “Tater” Anderson, Todd Williams, John Love, Ronnie Marable, Brian Hawks, and Lloyd Parsons.

These men were veterans of what many call “the Glory Years” of Charger football.  All played on championship teams and shared their passion for “Charger Pride” with the current players.  Ronnie Williams, Todd Williams, Gee, and Anderson addressed the group and discussed their fond memories and the important life lessons they learned as Charger football players.

Loyalty, fraternity and tradition were stressed.  Ronnie Williams stated:  “We want you to experience what we experienced.”  This sentiment was echoed by all the alumnae, some of whom drove from as far as South Carolina and Washington, D.C.   

Charger Athletic Director Wallace Owen stated:  “I often tell our kids that when we take the field, all those who came before us take the field with us.  What a beautiful illustration of the truth of this statement.  The coaching staff is deeply touched that these gentlemen would take time from their busy lives to host such an event.”  Head Coach Will Thomas, himself a Charger Football Veteran, added:

“I have been to other schools that are rich in football tradition, and I have never experienced anything like this.  Most kids don’t get to be a part of things like this.  These are Chargers who sacrifice to give back to their community.”

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