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   Written by on January 18, 2018 at 11:46 am

Facebook has changed the way America communicates. Historically, organizing an angry mob required personal contact. Then telephones made it easier. Now all that is needed is Facebook, a few issues, a few twisted facts, a few lies and you have an instant angry mob. No torches or pitchforks needed.

Over the past 14 years, the Messenger has watched small vocal groups of citizens change the position of the various governmental boards in Southside. In many cases, the boards are responsible. Each board has a few members who are overly susceptible to a few angry citizen comments.

These members often say, “I have heard from numerous constituents and they want…” However, when we ask how many “numerous” constituents are, we do not receive an answer.

Boards are not supposed to respond to a few vocal citizens. They are supposed to do what is best for the county, town or area they represent. They are supposed to represent ALL of their constituents, not just the noisy few.

The Messenger has realized we have been remiss in reporting on the vocal minority. Our position was we would not allow our publication to be used by a vocal minority to spread misinformation.  We did not want to embarrass citizens addressing the Board because we believe in citizen involvement and did not want to stifle citizen comments by writing “Citizen X addressed the board saying …. BUT they were wrong.”

Our policy is changing. We did not realize the extent Facebook was being used to spread misinformation and lies. We did not realize how easy it is to organize an angry mob.

We watched and reported on the few citizens who sabotaged the Charlotte Board of Supervisors’ original Courthouse plan. We watched the Board negotiate with the Judge for three years and we begged citizens to get involved. No one did.

We watched a few Board members cave in under the pressure. We watched a Judge renege on his original agreement and we watched the cost of the new courthouse almost double, and we have watched a huge monstrosity of a building going up. We watched a vocal minority sabotage the citizens committee and we watched them nitpick the road and the orientation of the new building. Every change cost the taxpayer.

Every time these people speak, Charlotte County and the Charlotte taxpayers lose.

We reported on everything that was happening but neglected to point out how a few citizens were hijacking the process to the detriment of the citizens and taxpayers.

Then we watched those responsible for the changes and increases in cost blame the Board for the results of their actions. And finally, we watched them compliment the Board members who acted irresponsibly for giving in to their demands.

In the future, The Messenger will challenge the vocal minority who we believe are damaging our county. Our readers should keep in mind that most of this minority will refuse to speak to us because we did not allow them to tell us what to print.

If you believe this vocal minority should be allowed to continue to sabotage our county, you should can-cel your subscription to The Southside Messenger now.

Beat the rush.

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