Big Money Supports Big Government

   Written by on September 22, 2016 at 9:48 am

logo- government grumblingsThis year I will be voting for smaller Government.

I know a lot of people who believe in smaller Government or at least they say they do. But when it comes time to support a candidate they just can’t get away from the big party candidates. I just realized what part of the problem is. The big money supports the big government parties because big government means more money for them.

Then again the no money voters support big government because it means more money for them.

When a candidate for office, any office, can go into office broke and leave as a millionaire something is wrong.  There was a big deal made about former Governor Bob McDonnell accepting gifts. Bob was wrong and made poor decisions BUT the same thing is happening everywhere.

A study in 2012 documented that the average net worth of a congressman doubled that year. Keep in mind that the rest of us were still suffering from the crash of 2008 created by these same men and women.

According to Money Nation:

The current estimated net worth of Congress is $7 billion dollars. In 2015, the typical member of the U.S. Congress had a net worth of over $1 million dollars. The richest member of congress is Senator Darrel Issa (R-CA) with an estimated net worth of$448 million.

The average Democrat in the U.S. Senate is twice as wealthy as the average Republican.  In the House of Representatives, the average Republican representative is worth about 30% more than the average Democrat.

Of the top ten richest in Congress, four are Republican, six are Democrats.

Equally disturbing is that 10 of our legislators have negative net worths ranging from -671,000 to -3.7 million.

How is it that the same men and women who can increase their own incomes dramatically each year can’t or won’t do the same for our country?

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