Beltone Hearing Care Foundation Helps Those in Need

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Charlotte C.H. Man Gets Gift of Hearing

Submitted Report

john gray 1John Gray of Charlotte Court House, Virginia is an incredibly lucky man! On top of surviving heart and aneurism surgery, he needed new hearing aids and found a lucky break right when he needed it.

Recently, after visiting his family in Richmond, Virginia, Gray was on his way home and stopped in at the Beltone Richmond office to see if he could find an inexpensive way to replace one of the hearing aids that he had lost. During his visit, Gray found out that he would need to purchase a brand-new set of hearing aids.  Sadly, this wasn’t an option because he did not have the funds to do so as he is on a very limited income.

Kathy McCollum, Hearing Care Practitioner in the Richmond office, wrote a letter to the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation on behalf of John Gray. She explained that in 2013 Gray had purchased a pair of hearing aids from Beltone in Lynchburg, Va.  Unfortunately, he lost that set and was then given an old pair of hearing aids that were donated by a deceased patient’s family.  Those aids were no longer serving him and were well beyond repair.  It got so bad that he was unable to hear his grandchildren whom he adores.  He also can’t hear on the telephone, watch television or even hear his wife.

The Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, donates hearing aids to those who are in need and are unable to access them. Both individuals and organizations are eligible to receive assistance from the Foundation through direct nominations to Beltone or at one of its 1,500 locations across North America.

“This Foundation gives us a new path to achieve this mission by helping deserving individuals and organizations in their communities enrich their quality of life through better hearing,” states Michael Andreozzi, CEO of Beltone Carolina/Virginia.

McCollum also stated that Gray and his wife Jacqueline are loyal and respected members of the Beltone family and that the she believes they are exactly what the Foundation is about; helping good people to be able to maintain a level of hearing even if financially they are unable to do so themselves.

Thanks to the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation and Beltone Carolina/Virginia, John Gray was approved almost instantly and will be fit with his new hearing aids free of charge on August 1st at 1:00 PM at the Beltone Hearing Center located at 10441 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, Virginia. This will make his life and his hearing much better. The media is invited to attend.

Throughout its 77-year history, Beltone has helped enrich the quality of life for countless hearing-impaired individuals in the United States and around the world. By combining new technologies and superior care, the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation will give many more people the opportunity to hear. For more information, please visit

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