Artist Studio Opens in Keysville

   Written by on July 20, 2017 at 9:57 am

Photos & Story by Shelley D. Sheets

painted palmFor well over two years Katy Sheldon Clark kept her vehicle packed to the hilt with art supplies so she could conduct various painting events all over the state. Then, she was fortunate to find out about a place available to rent right in her hometown of Keysville, Virginia. Katy met with the building owners, Mr. and Mrs. R.B. Clark, to take a look at the space. She shared that it needed a little bit of work but knew right away that it was exactly what she needed. Katy shared that within a month’s time, Mr. and Mrs. Clark had the area completely done and ready for her to move in.

Since Katy opened her art studio, The Painted Palm, the local area has expressed their enthusiasm regarding her endeavor. Thus far, she has only advertised through social media and word of mouth; however, her classes have been filling up quickly. Everyone wants the opportunity to express their creative juices while being provided professional artistic direction by Katy. Currently, Katy is offering Art Camp for kids five and up where the campers are learning to sketch, sculpt, paint and make pottery. On Thursday and Friday nights it’s the adults’ turn to try out their painting skills. Last but not definitely not least, Saturdays are reserved for private parties – birthday parties, office parties, fund raisers, etc. If you are interested in taking part in any of the artistic opportunities, reservations are definitely recommended; however, walk-ins will be accepted if room permits.

Although The Painted Palm is currently limiting itself to a small part of what used to be The New Theater, there is definite room for the business to expand. Katy hopes to eventually open the adjacent space for guest artists to place their creative works on exhibit.   

Katy’s incredible artistic abilities have been cultivated throughout her life. While visiting The Painted Palm, Katy shared that she was blessed to be able to receive her formal education at Virginia Tech – Bachelors of Arts, and East Carolina University – Masters in Art Education.

If you have any questions about upcoming events or would like to make a reservation for a party or a seat in one of the sessions offered at The Painted Palm, please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. Katy Sheldon Clarke at (434) 547-8391, or on Facebook at

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