A New Leaf

   Written by on December 23, 2015 at 11:22 am

Happy New Year!  What a wonderful opportunity we each have for “turning over a new leaf” at this time of a brand new year.

logo-wee-notesI recently examined my own life for things I could do to make it more positive.  I found it a bit overwhelming when looking seriously at behaviors in my life, practices, people, friends, even some family relationships that needed work.

I began with where I spend most of my waking hours.  For me, that is on the job.  I looked at how I could bring more positive vibrations there.  I can’t change anyone except myself, so I came up with several things I can do to create some sunshine in the workplace.  I thought of things I might do to bring more smiles and encouragement to the families with whom I work.

I moved from there to determining something I can do to be positive with people I come across as I move through the day.  Smiles for clerks, waiters, and waitresses along with a simple thank you for the services they provide.

I realized, as I focused on my own shortcomings, how many times I may fall short.  At times I probably blamed others for the negativity I was feeling.  I was reminded that while I can’t always control what happens around me, I can choose how I will react to it, how I will respond.  We all have had times when we could have done things differently that may have made a positive difference for someone…perhaps even ourselves at times?

I tried to think of at least one thing I can do daily that will make a positive difference to someone in my life.  It may be something as simple as a smile at a cranky salesperson or saying a prayer for someone who looks sad or lonely.  It may be drawing a happy face on the sign-out board at work, or making a quick call to someone who crosses my mind.

I challenge you this new year to daily find at least one thing you can do differently that will bring a smile or a positive reaction from your child(ren) where you may have usually gotten a negative one.

Instead of telling your toddler to, “Stop running inside!” try:  Remember to use your walking feet while inside.  When asking your wee one to pick up her toys, tell her its time to do so, smile, and tell her you will help her and suggest you both move like a wooden soldier or see who can pick up the most.  A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.  Don’t wait for the year to be a good one, help it be one!

Happy parenting!

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