A Month After Christmas

   Written by on February 1, 2018 at 2:17 pm

logo- community news & viewsTis a month after Christmas

And all through this house

Are dozens of catalogs

Brought in by my spouse.

“How do they get my name?” I ask.

“Come here and just look at this trash

Companies are trying to sell the strangest stuff

It’s time for Americans to say, ‘That’s enough!’”

While millions are losing their jobs each day

How can we spend money in such a callous way?

Don’t be tempted, don’t open any catalogs today

Just throw that inviting temptation away!

Trying times like these should bring us together

Now is the perfect time for us to help each other.

Check on your neighbors and carpool for food

You’ll save on your gas and really feel good!

While a ton of snow is covering part of the nation

Thank God you’re in Virginia and not in that situation.

The mountains protect us from much unwanted weather

We might not like the cold but we won’t have to swelter!

The full moon on January 2nd was a sight for sore eyes

Glistening down on us from the heavenly skies.

One could turn off the house lights to get a good look

At the whole lighted yard, nearly every nook!

With temperatures in the low single digits last week

I recalled the saying about Virginia that’s neat

If today, one does not like the weather

Just wait a day or two for it to change altogether!

Now, let’s all join forces and clasp our hands tight

And pray for our world to finally get it right

For a world full of peace with trials so small

One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all!

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