A Cat With No Name, Personality Plus & Electronics Dependence

   Written by on September 27, 2013 at 10:17 am

My new little tortoiseshell calico kitten is settling in nicely. Although, unlike her dozen or so tortoiseshell predecessors who liked me and hated almost everyone else, she seems quite taken with my bride Management. This isn’t a problem, so am I. Then again if she becomes Management’s cat then there is still an opening for another cat for me. The only problem is the kitten wants to sleep with me. One of my iron clad rules is I sleep with nothing or nobody except Management and an occasional Grand-brat. One of us is going to have to adjust.

rural legendsI am having an issue with naming her. Usually I come up with a unique and creative name that just suits the cat. This time I’m drawing a blank. When we had goats I once named every kid after a coffee. Another year I named them from Ray Steven’s haircut song: Dominus Possum Pax Probiscus, Post Mortem, Et tu Brute and Fruella

Carborundum. I’ve had cats named Fur Factory, Miss Riddles, Metheglin, Chartreuse (if other people can name cats Blackie I didn’t see why I couldn’t name one Green), and I’ve even had some with odd names.

Nothing seems to fit this one. I thought maybe a newspaper reference, or grammar or maybe after a punctuation mark. That might be it. She certainly seems to like puncturing things, especially my toes.

If you have a suggestion let me know. We can do a Rural Legend readers name the cat or something.

Management just stopped in for lunch. While she was here she checked her email. By the way, have you noticed just how much conversation is being lost by computer use? If that doesn’t bother you, have you noticed just how much romance is being lost to televisions and computers?

Someone had sent her a quiz by some guy named Doctor Fill. There were 10 questions and from those ten questions Dr. Fill can describe your personality. It starts out with your favorite color. In my case, today it is green, sometimes it is blue, other times it is yellow and occasionally pink. I guess my personality depends on the day.

Another question was, how do you walk? “I sort of lope with long steps while looking at everything” wasn’t on the list.

Then there was, “When you are entering a crowed room do you: a. Enter with a shout. B. sneak in, or C. look for someone you know. None of the above wasn’t listed. I always enter a room looking around to determine if it is safe. Not that that matters; I’m going in anyway. I just like to know how fast it is going to get ugly; just in case it is going to get ugly.

Anyway, according to Dr. Fill I not only have a personality, it sounds a lot like someone else. Dr. Fill thinks I am a pretty nice guy. Just goes to show doctors don’t know everything.

On the computer thing, have you noticed how much we think of our cell phones? Last week I left mine at home and kept reaching for it. I almost went home to get it. What the heck is going on? For years I did without a phone on my hip and things were fine. Sometimes I missed something important. Once my brother had to wait somewhere in North Carolina for several extra hours when his car broke down because I was out of touch.

Frankly his wait was worth it to me. I went and got him as soon as someone found me and fortunately for me they didn’t find me until I’d taken my date home.

Now we call for everything. “Honey, where did you hide the Oreos? You know some of this would wait. Just like my brother did.

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